Here are some testimonials from people who trained at GBC learning.

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Speed Writing

"1:1 training - very focused and the training made interesting and tailored"

Alan H

16 August 2019 9/10

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Executive Assistant/PA Advanced Masterclass

"the course was good, however I wish it was longer and gone through other subjects in the booklet. Very interesting & learnt a few things"

Lola O

14 August 2019 8/10

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Executive Assistant/PA Advanced Masterclass

"couldn’t have asked for more from the course, very informative, thoroughly enjoyed it"

Laura C

14 August 2019 10/10

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Executive PA

"Great presenter! Margaret gave real examples to illuminate techniques. Lovely informal style"

Nikki E

13 August 2019 10/10

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Minute Taking

"It was very insightful and interesting. I have learned a lot and it is a very useful course"

Theodora G

12 August 2019 9/10

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Introduction to People Skills

"Enjoyable, engaging discussions. Able to draw on life experiences to give context. Allowed us to steer the discussions, not confining to workbooks making it feel more bespoke"

Tom M

25 July 2019 7/10

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Minute Taking

"clear explanation of what we were learning, nice pace of course, open for questions without feeling silly"

15 July 2019 (10/10)

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Excel Bespoke

"I thought the course was clearly set out, quite interactive and 1:1 help was available. The trainer was very helpful"

30 July 2019 9/10

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Executive Assistant / PA Advanced Masterclass

"Very satisfied with the quality and experience of teacher and topics and examples covered"

17 July 2019 9/10

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Technical Report Writing

"I found the teaching to a great standard, made budgeting seem really straight forward, very engaging and fun"

Bradley B

8 June 2019 10/10

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Supervisory Skills

"Lots of interesting discussion points and interesting hearing opinions from a range of backgrounds. Cornelia made time to check our main objectives were met"

Jess C

20 June 2019 7/10

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Change Management

"When comparing my findings at the end of the course to my objectives at the beginning, it was clear to me that my understanding had changed and improved"

Jonathan W

14 June 2019 10/10

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