Flexible Training Options

Public Schedule

Our public open course schedule has a mix of half-day, one and two day workshops plus longer ongoing programmes. It means your people can cover the same topics but attend one or two at a time so that you still have cover at the office. They will also hear new ideas and ways of doing things through working and networking with people from different backgrounds and them bring some fresh thinking in to the organisation.

Your Own In-House Group

Bring any workshop in-house and run it immediately ‘off the shelf’ for your own group. You get the benefit of a tried and tested programme, made completely relevant for participants by using your examples, your case studies and your terminology. Or we will design a programme with customised material created just for you. When you have your own group they can focus on their particular issues and you get consistency of message, style or action – plus they get the chance to bond as a team or learn about other areas of the business.

One-to-One Coaching

Coaching is a great way to help an individual deal with a range of challenges that are particular to them. A coach helps people to think their issues through, draw up their own solutions and encourages them to work on a plan for change. Short face-to-face sessions, regular meetings and telephone support can all be part of the programme. Good when individuals face a difficult challenge or are about to make an important career change, for example. Coaching is also very appropriate for those at senior level when it is critical to keep on track and be at peak performance.

Lunch & Learn or Breakfast Bite-sized

Sometimes short and snappy is what’s needed. An update, refresher or focus on a key topic, with lunch or breakfast, is a great way to get together and reinvigorate people. It works for groups as a once-off session on a burning topic or as a series of regular sessions throughout the year. Choose from any topics on our Course List or suggest your own.

You can find most topics on our Course List. If you can’t find the subject you want, please do ask, we are always creating new ones.