Not Happy?

                   …SHOUT asap

“Why didn’t I ask earlier?
As soon as I spoke to the course advisors they were
able to reassure me and put my mind at rest!”

We’re not perfect but we aim to be!

Whether you are a private delegate or a corporate client please tell us loudly and clearly if you have a problem or a complaint. You will never ever be disadvantaged by telling us – in fact we will thank you as it is the only way we can improve our systems, communications or business and fulfil our aim which is to Make You Happy.

Please tell us as soon as possible if you are unhappy or have a complaint. In the first instance it is best to discuss the problem with your normal contact – your Course Adviser or Relationship Manager. They may be able to resolve it immediately and if not will pass it on to someone who will look at your concerns.

Our Policy is to:

  • Make is easy for you to talk to us if something is wrong
  • Fully discuss any concerns that you may have and listen openly so that we can find a way to put it right
  • Resolve issues within 48 hours or keep you fully informed at every stage if it takes longer
  • We have a no Quibble’ take the course again for free or a money back guarantee’ if you have not been happy with any or our seminars or training modules.

Our Procedure is to:

  • Listen fully to your complaint so that we understand what the problem is
  • Log your complaint and investigate fully to collect all the information to find out what happened, how and why it happened
  • Discuss options and explain what we will do to put it right
  • Look at how to compensate if necessary
  • Use your information and the process to make changes to avoid the same issue arising in the future

Who to SHOUT to?

  1. In the first instance, please discuss your issue with your regular contact, your Course Adviser, Trainer or Relationship Manager as they may be able to put it right there and then.Under our Quality Excellence System, all complaints or issues that need resolving are recorded and reported to our Quality Manager – no matter who you discuss them with.
  2. If this is a matter you have not been able to resolve through your normal contacts or you feel uncomfortable talking to them, please write to or call:

    Eileen Yurdakul
    020 7256 6668
  3. If you do not agree with the outcome or solutions that we propose using our procedures and you wish to appeal, you may write to or telephone


    020 7256 6668

GBC Learning is an associated company of Love & Tate Ltd and Pitman Training, London EC2