Here are some testimonials from people who trained at GBC learning.

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14 June 2019
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Change Management

"When comparing my findings at the end of the course to my objectives at the beginning, it was clear to me that my understanding had changed and improved"

Jonathan W

20 June 2019
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Supervisory Skills

"Speaker was very engaging and knowledgeable, ensured everyone was involved and helped me develop my skills"

Dan G

24 May 2019
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Finance for Non Financial Managers

"Very good course. Easy to understand and interactive so I could learn by doing activities"

Oswin T

13 May 2019
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Managing People Effectively – Level 1

"Great course which gives a fabulous insight into people management"

Austin L

3 May 2019
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Speed Writing

"The teacher was extremely knowledgeable and the course was paced at just the right speed"

Sandra G

20 May 2019
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Minute Taking

"I've really learnt a lot! Coming in with no knowledge I'm leaving confident"

Jordan S

22 May 2019
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Executive Assistant/PA Advanced Masterclass

"I really enjoyed the course. More interactive and enjoyable than other courses I have done"

Kayleigh M

29 April 2019
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Minute Taking

"Good range of examples and mixture of theory and knowledge"

Autumn M

29 April 2019
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Effective Interpersonal Skills

"Wealth of knowledge. Very personal"

Robert K

20 March 2019
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Time Management

"Small group so good to identify and see different aspects. Trainer was clear and approachable"

Cecilia Y