Better Business Writing
05 – 06 Sep 2022 [change course]

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Complete programme 3 x 2 hour modules.

Suitable for

Anyone, at any level, who wants to produce clearer and more powerful written communication appropriate to their audience. It is designed to improve your writing structure, style, and tone for every type of document you create.




By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Plan your documents to achieve your desired result
  • Write emails and letters that get results
  • Express yourself persuasively using plain English
  • Increase your confidence using language, grammar and punctuation
  • Set the right ‘tone’ for the situation and subject
  • Produce your first draft quickly
  • Check and edit your own writing


Part One – 2 hours

Introduction & Workshop Objectives

  • What writing are you doing now?
  • What would you like to achieve today?

Specific Demands for Writing Online

  • Attention spans online – how we consume content
  • Length, time, context and the skim factor
  • Getting found and seen – SEO

Thinking about your Reader

  • Who are they? What do they want from you?
  • What is your precise objective?
  • Techniquesto make a document more ‘readable’ and using empathy

+ PracticalHomework

Part Two – 2 hours

Planning your Writing

  • Planning your structure, sequence and flow
  • How can you arrange your information for maximum impact?
  • Using numbers, data, and visuals
  • Producing letters, emails and memos that aresimple but not simplistic
  • Highlighting benefits – adding value to yourinformation

The POWER Method of Effective Writing

  • Prepare
  • Organise
  • Write
  • Examine
  • Revise
  • Making sure the document says what you mean it to say
  • How to revise and produce a final draft

+ Practical Homework

Part Three - 2 hours

Creating your Voice

  • What language should you use to communicate with your readers?
  • Avoiding jargon – keep it direct but not too abrupt
  • Using plain English to acquire a more direct writing style
  • Active vs passive – when to use which one and why

Writing to Communicate - Some Simple Guidelines

  • Why you should vary sentence lengths
  • Matching language with audience
  • Making your writing clear and compelling
  • Common Do’s and Do Not’s!

+ Final writing exercise

The Way Forward!

  • Taking ideas back to the workplace and putting them into action
  • To do lists – how will you put into practice what you have learned?

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Better Business Writing
05 – 06 Sep 2022
Price per Person: £360.00 exc. VAT
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