Presentation Skills - Presence & Impact
07 Dec 2022 [change course]

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2 modules: 2 hour theory module, plus 3 hours practice & critique.

Suitable for

Any individual who has to present either in-house or to clients. The modules have been designed to target the areas that tend to let presentations down and are an interactive experience.

You will build confidence and creative skills to empower your presence and presentation. Module 2 allows you to practise and develop techniques, tone and pitch, see how you are perceived and gain peer feedback.




By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Use your body language, voice and delivery when presenting
  • See how using your presentation can engage and excite rather than bore and alienate an audience
  • Understand the mixed signals you may be sending out and the effect they have
  • Use new tools to deliver a clear high impact message and practise bringing all the techniques together with your own presentation


Module 1: (2 hours)

Introduction/Workshop Objectives

  • Establish what you want to achieve and identify what issues you have when presenting

Perfecting your presentation skills

  • Knowledge required to make a presentation have real impact – what makes an effective presenter
  • Speech and body language techniques
  • Research and rehearsal – How to structure your speech
  • Death by PowerPoint – avoid the obvious and enhance your presentation
  • The speaker – stop worrying about what others are thinking – engage/deliver/handle your nerves
  • Handling questions and audience management
  • Setting up the practice for module two

Module 1: (3 hours)

Practice and delivery

  • An opportunity to deliver your presentation and receive feedback, tips and guidelines to develop and polish your style.
  • Candidates should prepare a maximum 10 minute presentation relevant to their work or of a subject of their choosing to present to the group
  • Receive feedback from your peers/trainer

The Way Forward

  • How to successfully present in the future. Personal learning

Duration (in days)

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Presentation Skills - Presence & Impact
07 Dec 2022
Price per Person: £300.00 exc. VAT
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