Persuading and Influencing Skills
23 Sep 2022 [change course]

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2 modules of 180 minutes, as a complete course

Suitable for

Anyone who needs to get their point across in a persuasive way to initiate change, impel action or defuse difficult situations.It is relevant both for managers who want to get their team onside or those who have a specialist, technical or customer-facing role and who need to speak simply and powerfully to reach the hearts and minds of their audience.




By the end of the modules you will be able to:

  • Recognise the difference between persuasion, influencing and manipulation
  • Understand whatpersuasion and influencing style you naturally prefer
  • Establish rapportconfidently to enhance personal impact
  • Select differentstrategies that you can use to influence situations you encounter
  • Adapt your approach toyour audience
  • Win others over toyour point of view by focusing on what matters to them •
  • Immediately apply theskills you learned into your real life situations


Module 1: Assessing your Style and Assertiveness Level

Your style – Positive and Assertive

  • Identify your own natural style of influencing and communication
  • Setting the context for this type of communication within your role
  • Traits & behaviours of non- assertive behaviour
  • Evaluating yourself against non-assertive behaviour and exploring changes needed
  • Getting your ideas across in an assertive and effective way

Aspects of Influential Communication

  • How non-verbal language can influence positively and negatively
  • Establishing and maintaining rapport through finding common ground
  • Your personal communication style – self-analysis/skills audit
  • Evaluation of self – What do I do well? What could I do better? Overall how am I doing?

Pre-course – to consider your natural style and assertiveness level

Module 2: Persuasive Behaviours & Situational Management

  • Defining persuasiveness and what makes a person a good persuader
  • Questioning techniques and active listening skills
  • Persuasion tactics to shape others’ opinions and/or gain agreement

Dealing with Typical Situations

  • Preparing your argument by developing an persuasive strategy
  • Research - know your topic and your facts
  • Exploring perceptual positions – coaching exercise
  • How to handle sensitive and difficult issues – own examples
  • Practice with your peers on your own persuasive situation, prepare, deliver and gain feedback

The Way forward

  • Summary, review and taking the new ideas back to your workplace

Pre-course – To consider a work issue which does or has caused you difficulties?

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Persuading and Influencing Skills
23 Sep 2022
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