Minutes and Meetings
17 Nov 2022 [change course]

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Interactive Live Webinars, programme of 4 x 90 minute modules

Suitable for

Every individual who is required to organise meetings – face to face or virtual – and to circulate agendas, take full or abbreviated records of discussions and distribute pertinent notes or full minutes. Now more than ever it is essential to capture key information as accurately and as quickly as possible. This programme will give you the essential practical skills and confidence to do just that.




By the end of the programme you will be able to:

  • Work closely with and support the chairperson in preparing and leading effective meetings – recognising the increasing requirement for virtual working
  • Reduce the time it takes to produce accurate and effective agendas and minutes
  • Recognise and utilise different styles of minutes
  • Identify and capture the key points of a discussion
  • Produce accurate minutes quickly with confidence


Module 1: Essential Elements of a Successful Meeting

  • The 8 essential elements of a successful meeting
  • Who is responsible for each element
  • The minute-taker’s role
  • How does virtual change this?
  • Action Points

Module 2: Preparing to Take Minutes

  • With notice
  • Without notice
  • Styles of minutes
  • Speaking up when necessary
  • Action Points

Module 3: The Theory of Minute Taking

  • Styles of minutes
  • How to take a fast note during the meeting
  • Identifying and capturing key points
  • The language and tone of minutes
  • Action Points

Module 4: Practice and Techniques

  • Identifying the message behind the words
  • Barriers to effective listening
  • Interpreting
  • Writing a fast note from brief real examples
  • Taking a longer fast note and converting it in to its finished form

Summary of key learning from the programme and taking ideas and techniques back to the workplace to put into action

This programme can be customised for your in-house group – please ask

What’s next?

  • Speed-writing
  • Effective Business Communication
  • Self-Esteem and Assertiveness

Duration (in days)

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Minutes and Meetings
17 Nov 2022
Price per Person: £360.00 exc. VAT
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