Time Management
17 Feb 2022 [change course]

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Live interactive tutor-led Webinar Programme of 2 x 3 hour modules

Suitable for

Anyone who wants to exercise more control over their own time and tasks to achieve their goals at the end of each day. This will act as an introduction or a reminder of good practice in prioritising tasks and managing your time to help you complete work with improved focus and less stress, particularly with current issues and the change to remote working.




By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Effectively plan and prioritise your workload to ensure objectives are achieved
  • Eliminate or reduce time wastage to enhance your own performance
  • Aim for proactive rather than reactive working when accepting delegated tasks
  • Deal effectively with paperwork, telephone and interruptions
  • Remove unnecessary time-stealers
  • Meet key deadlines which determine the success of you and your manager
  • Keep an eye on your wellbeing


Module One – 3 hours (15 minute break)

Introduction & Workshop Objectives

Time Management

  • What is it?
  • Different approaches to time management
  • Self-analysis – how we spend time at work

Proactive v Reactive Working

  • The difference between reactive and proactive working
  • Why urgent tasks are not always important tasks 
  • Identifying when and why we are reactive
  • How to become proactive

Module Two – 3 hours (15 minute break)

Paperwork, Telephone, Interruptions and Email

  • Time stealers and how to deal with them
  • Tips and techniques to deal with these in a time-effective way – whilst maintaining and fostering effective working relationships

Prioritising Tasks Others Give to you

  • Understanding how assertiveness helps
  • Making & refusing requests (how to say ‘not now’)
  • Time Management and mental wellbeing
  • Remote working and recognising common symptoms of stress

The Way Forward

  • Conclusion and recap of key learning points
  • Taking ideas back to the workplace and putting them into action

Duration (in days)

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Time Management
17 Feb 2022
Price per Person: £360.00 exc. VAT
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