Report Writing
14 – 15 Dec 2021 [change course]

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Complete programme 3 x 2 hour modules.

Suitable for

Anyone, at any level, who wants to produce clear and compelling reports that will influence decision-making and initiate action. Different formats, styles and content are explored and techniques shared that will make report-writing easier, more efficient, and more effective.




By the end of the online course you will be able to:

  • Plan your reports to achieve your desired result
  • Choose the best structure and content sequence
  • Evaluate and prioritise your content
  • Handle data and figures confidently and effectively
  • Express yourself persuasively using clear language
  • Set the right ‘tone’ for the situation and subject
  • Increase your confidence in grammar and punctuation
  • Check and edit your own writing


Module 1:

Introduction & Workshop Objectives

  • What reports are you writing or expect to write?
  • What specifically would you like to achieve today?

Writing to communicate – some important guidelines

  • How we choose and consume information
  • Paragraphs and sentences
  • Increasing and using your vocabulary
  • Choosing the right style and ‘tone of voice’
  • Matching your language with your audience
  • Common Do’s and Don’ts!

Thinking about your Reader

  • Who are they? What do they want from you?
  • How much do they already know?
  • What is your precise objective?
  • Structure and emphasis - how we all read reports

+ Practical Homework Exercise

Module 2:

Planning your Report

  • Planning your structure, content sequence and flow
  • How do you arrange your information for maximum impact?
  • Using numbers and data to support your message
  • Visuals to reinforce your report
  • Maintaining relevance – adding value to your information

The POWER method of effective writing

  • Prepare
  • Organise
  • Write
  • Examine
  • Revise
  • Making sure your document says what you mean it to say
  • How to revise and produce a final draft

+ Practical Homework Exercises

Module 3:

Review of Homework Exercises

Guided Practical Work:

Creating your Report

  • Checking structure and reader navigation
  • Objectives for each section of your report
  • Writing the Introduction
  • Writing the Executive Summary
  • How will your report be delivered and read?

Final writing exercise

The way forward

  • Summary of Key Points
  • Taking ideas back to your workplace and putting them into action
  • To do lists – how will you put into practice what you have learned?

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Report Writing
14 – 15 Dec 2021
Price per Person: £360.00 exc. VAT
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