Negotiation Skills
13 – 14 Jan 2021 [change course]

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Interactive Live Webinars, programme of 3 x 90 minute modules

Suitable for

Anyone who wants to improve their negotiating skills and outcomes. What you learn will give you a confident approach whether you’re looking for the best possible deal, building stronger relationships, or a balance of both. Negotiation is a true-life skill and the techniques and tips you’ll acquire can be applied every day of your life, in almost all interactions and circumstances.




By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Adjust your mindset for optimum results
  • Prepare before you negotiate
  • Evaluate the relative strengths and benefits of both side’s potion
  • Manage the negotiation discussion to perceived mutual, l advantage
  • Understand your own negotiating style, and how you can improve and refine your skills
  • Use effective tactics to gain traction, credibility and secure productive outcomes
  • Understand how value is perceived and measured
  • Modify your own communication style to your own advantage


Module 1: Principles of Negotiation – 90 Minutes

  • How can we reach satisfying agreements?
  • What typifies successful negotiations?
  • Quick Negotiation Quiz
  • Understanding your own negotiating style and approach
  • The Four S’s: Style, Strategy, Structure and Skills

Module 2: Structure and Skills – 90 Minutes

  • Devising your game-plan for a successful negotiation
  • Results or Relationship?
  • Cost and Value. Features and Benefits
  • Managing costs, pricing and variables
  • Questioning and Listening skills
  • Gaining agreement

Module 3: Negotiations in Practice– 90 Minutes

  • Feedback from activity since previous module
  • Tactics to use. Tactics to expect and overcome
  • Managing so-called ‘objections’
  • Adapting your style for effective negotiation
  • Advanced tips and techniques

Round up of key points and action

Post course

Action Planning tool to focus on the changes you want to make and how to make them stick.

Ask about post-course 30 – 60 minute coaching session with Craig to review action plan progress

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Negotiation Skills
13 – 14 Jan 2021
Price per Person: £270.00 exc. VAT
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