Emotional Intelligence
02 Nov 2020 [change course]

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A programme of 2 x 120 minute modules as a complete course

Suitable for

Team members and leaders who would like to explore their understanding of their relationships with others. You will leave understanding what emotional intelligence is and have a greater awareness of your triggers, human behaviours and how to manage more stressful situations.




Module One: What is Emotional Intelligence – 2 hours

You will learn:

  • Defining Emotional Intelligence
  • Understanding intelligences and the core competencies

Competency One – Self Awareness

  • Recognising your emotional triggers
  • Understanding your motivators & drivers
  • Assessing your values

Competency Two- Self Management

  • Understanding your reactions
  • Choosing your actions & attitude
  • Managing your triggers

Module Two: Competency Three – Social Awareness – 2 hours

You will learn:

  • Interpreting non-verbal language
  • Building rapport and using empathy
  • Applying effective questioning and listening skills

Competency Four – Relationship Management

  • Understanding different behavioural styles
  • Being more adaptable to other perspectives
  • Having more effective conversations with others

Action planning

  • What have you learnt – How will you apply?

Duration (in days)

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Emotional Intelligence
02 Nov 2020
Price per Person: £240.00 exc. VAT
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