Manage and Engage your Home Office Staff
27 Aug 2020 [change course]

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Programe for In-House Groups

  • 1 x 120 minute webinar allowing you to learn with your trainer and also through group interaction, discussion and opportunity to practise your new skills
  • Plus optional 60 minute elective(s) from the Essential Skills toolbox: choose from six topics below

Suitable for

Managers at all levels who find themselves managing entirely remotely and who need to quickly understand the different skills and style needed to gain high performance with mutual trust individually and within your team. Particularly suitable for in-house groups so that you have a consistent virtual management process and style.




To understand how to manage and motivate your people working from home or otherwise remotely is now vital for your own performance and your organisation's. A different focus, awareness and skills set are needed to ensure your staff deliver output and maintain performance when working from home or in different office locations.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Appreciate the importance of good communication as anessential skill
  • Lead conversations which consider and balance staffwelfare, agree rules how best to work together and goals to get the job done
  • Put steps in place to create and understand each others’needs
  • Develop and maintain good relationships and - mostimportantly - trust
  • Consider typical pitfalls: the fear of losing control
  • Reflect on your style – the need to move from a controllingmanagement style to a participative coaching style

Review your action points and set up your plan for the management of your virtual team

Electives- Essential Skills Toolbox:

Choose one or more 60 minute electives from the Essential Skills Toolbox including:

  • HomeOffice Staff – Agreeing how to Work Together
  • Leadership – Using the Mostsuitable Management and Leadership Style
  • Delegation – at a Distance
  • Manager as Coach -Conducting Conversations using Coaching Methods
  • Feedback Conversations – When Staff are at their Home Office
  • Motivation & Engagement– Keeping the MissionAlive in Virtual Teams

Duration (in days)

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Manage and Engage your Home Office Staff
27 Aug 2020
Price per Person: £120.00 exc. VAT
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