Creativity and Innovation
04 Sep 2020 [change course]

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Interactive Live Webinar 90 minutes

Suitable for

Anymanager, team or individual wanting to resolve issues, challenges and problemsor find new and better ways of achieving their goals. With its highly practicalapproach it is suitable for anyone in a managerial role and for teams that needto find fresh innovative solutions for today’s challenging markets.




The session is geared for those employees with an innovative mind-set who are able to demonstrate a high level of commitment to completing a project, against all the odds, and find a way to overcome any obstacles placed in their path.

It is now a requirement for most managers due to the speed of change that is driving the need for organisations to continually innovate.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Find new ways of working, new products, new solutions and implement creative problem solving to resolution quickly
  • Access your creativity, innovation and become less accepting of the old ways of doing things
  • Become agile and resolve issues before your competitors steal a march in your client base whilst the company tries to resolve its problems
  • Identify the difference between a problem and a decision and also identify the difference between creativity and innovation
  • Undertake an analytical approach to problem solving by using divergent and convergent thinking techniques
  • Cover the issues around group thinking and access from the session a number of decision-making tools to use
  • See how to use toolbox techniques to resolve real business problems

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Creativity and Innovation
04 Sep 2020
Price per Person: £90.00 exc. VAT
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