Agile and Scrum
25 Sep 2020 [change course]

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Interactive Live Webinar 90 minutes

Suitable for

Those aware that they need to bring products and concepts to market faster with total responsiveness to customer requirements and who are interested in finding out how Agile and Scrum thinking and project management can help them do that.




To review what Agile is and how it works in terms of product-development / project management methodology. Agile and Scrum are appropriate for fast-moving businesses or teams who are empowered to move rapidly to optimise performance in a changing environment that requires the ability to adapt and develop aspects, processes and systems of their business for customer satisfaction and competitive edge.


By the end of this session you will:

  • Have an overview of Agile and Scrum, both in the context of project management and how the concepts and processes can be applied to everyday work
  • Have an understanding of the key Agile and Scrum themes and terminologies and how to apply them in the workplace
  • Understand the impact of Agile and Scrum principles on team morale and dynamics and empowering your staff
  • Be equipped to assess how it could benefit your projects and your business and if it will work for you
  • Understand if there is a need to progress to a recognised qualification
  • Summary and Action Points

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Agile and Scrum
25 Sep 2020
Price per Person: £90.00 exc. VAT
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