Event Management - Advanced
02 Dec 2020 [change course]

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One day public open course - or run for your own in-house group

Suitable for

Organisers of corporate events such as conferences, speaker events, official visits, seminars, dinners, awards, exhibitions, team building, ceremonial events and reward and appreciation events. It also works for providers of public events and for accidental, occasional and professional event planners or larger events or those who want excellence




By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Agree event style, objectives and desired outcomes with your internal or external customer
  • Design and theme an event programme geared to excite and understand the importance of pre-event research techniques
  • Deliver an event your customer wants, bringing each stage in on time and to budget
  • Search, evaluate, select and site plan your event venue
  • Set up a project plan covering all operational essentials
  • Book and manage key services and suppliers, great speakers, acts, entertainment andcatering
  • Create compelling copy, using a variety of on and off line promotional media and promotional plans
  • Write event risk assessments and develop contingency plans
  • Evaluate your events and their return on investment


Introduction & Workshop Objectives

  • What will we cover today
  • The world of events

8 point event expert planning process covering:

  • Purpose of event, pre-event research, audience profile
  • Presentation: Agreeing a theme, look, style, format, positioning your event and evaluating ideas
  • Planning: Setting a date, drafting an event outline and planning each facet and stage
  • Place: Setting venue criteria, searching and evaluating your venue, site visits, preparing site plans Programme: Designing and creating an event programme that’s excites, catering, encouraging participation and setting event timings
  • Promotion:Creating compelling copy: using a variety of on/ off line promotional media, to target and engage the preferred audience
  • Production: Delivering your event, operational plans, managing your suppliers, risk assessments
  • People: it’s show time, leading your events teams, event evaluation and return

The way forward

  • Summary, review and your future action

Duration (in days)

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Event Management - Advanced
02 Dec 2020
Price per Person: £375.00 exc. VAT
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