PowerPoint Level 1
16 Jul 2019 [change course]

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This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to createand modify a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.




You will learn how to create a presentation and add new slides to it. How to format text, insert and edit graphical objects, create and format a table and chart.


Lesson One – Getting Started with PowerPoint

  • Identify the Elements of the PowerPoint Interface
  • Navigate and View a Presentation
  • Save a Presentation

Lesson Two – Creating a Basic Presentation

  • Enter, Edit and Arrange Text
  • Format Text Boxes and Placeholders
  • Add Slides to a Presentation and Change the Layout
  • Arrange Slides
  • Work with Themes

Lesson Three - Formatting Text on Slides

  • Apply Character Formats
  • Apply Paragraph Formats

Lesson Four - Adding Objects to a Presentation

  • Insert Images
  • Insert and Format Shapes

Lesson Five - Modifying Objects in a Presentation

  • Edit, Form, Group and Arrange Objects
  • Apply an Animation Effect to an Object

Lesson Six – Workingwith Tables

  • Insertand Format a Table
  • Importa Table from another Microsoft Office Application

Lesson Seven – Workingwith Charts

  • Insertand Format a Chart
  • Importa Chart from another Microsoft Office Application

Lesson Eight – PreparingTo Deliver a Presentation

  • Dividea Presentation into Sections
  • ApplyTransitions
  • AddSpeaker Notes
  • Printand Deliver a Presentation

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PowerPoint Level 1
16 Jul 2019
Price per Person: £245.00 exc. VAT
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