Effective Interpersonal Skills


Live and interactive webinars - a complete programme of 3 x 120 minute modules.

Suitable for

Anyone who wants to enhance their performance by improving their communication skills and by developing or restoring positive professional relationships with colleagues, clients or their team. Effective communication gets things done and creates a positive environment to enhance both productivity and mental well-being. These skills are equally relevant for remote working or those sitting in the same office.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Identify your individual interpersonal skills
  • Use improved communication techniques and get your message across
  • Recognise the difference between submissiveness, assertiveness and aggressiveness
  • Use assertive responses to build and maintain relationships
  • See how to use effective people skills across different types of people and workplace situations
  • Implement influencing and persuading skills
  • Successfully receive feedback and handle criticism constructively
  • Write a plan and commit to actions that will improve or repair your working relationships through strategies you develop


Module 1: Critical Building Blocks – Interpersonal and Communication Skills - 120 minutes

Introduction and Your Webinar Objectives

Interpersonal Skills

  • What are Interpersonal Skills?
  • Building on your success
  • Reflect on your most successful relationships and improve your confidence

Communication Skills

  • Improve the effectiveness of your communication
  • Listening – the critical element of communication to make a big difference
  • Asking questions and paraphrasing
  • Reducing misunderstandings

Action points and changes you plan to make

Module 2: Further Critical Building Block - Assertiveness Skills and Applying your Skills - 120 minutes

Key learning points from Module 1

Assertiveness Skills

  • What is Assertiveness
  • The difference between submissiveness, assertiveness and aggressiveness
  • How assertive are you?
  • Practice assertive responses

Your Powers of Persuasion – Applying Interpersonal Skills

  • Practice useful techniques
  • What is the crucial question when persuading other people?

Action points and changes you plan to make

Module 3: How to Deploy your Skills to Build Lasting Positive Relationships - Value Differences, Influence, Receive Feedback and Improving Relationships - 120 minutes

Key learning points from Module 2

Valuing Differences

  • Appreciation of different communication and working styles
  • Which style do you prefer?
  • Practice adjusting the way you communicate to the style of the person you talk or write to

Influencing - How can you influence people around you?

Welcoming Feedback

  • Handling Feedback – handling criticism constructively

Improving Working Relationships – finding out what you can do differently

Round up of action points and changes you plan to make

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