Build a Strong Virtual Team


Interactive Live Webinars, programme of 5 x 90 minute modules

Suitable for

Managersand Team Leaders we who want to accelerate results from and adapt quickly tomanaging a virtual and remote team, where home working has become the norm.This is designed to develop and maintain good motivation and morale to ensureeveryone’s productivity and output in these challenging times.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand and use the Change Curve and our different responses to change in your work, business, virtual and home situations
  • Ensure your team feel secure by calling on a range of Emotionally Intelligent tools and techniques
  • Sharpen your relationship building, listening and incisive questioning skills to support your team in the context of remote working
  • Enable your team to develop their resilience and maintain their productivity in their new context of home working
  • Use a strengths based approach to energise yourself and your team and maintain positivity and performance in these new circumstances.


Module 1: Using the Change Curve to work effectively with others - 90 minutes

  • Understand the different stages of the change curve and how we might all be feeling
  • Develop a more nuanced approach to enquiry with others and spotting where they might be with change
  • Develop expertise in conversational skills around change and feelings
  • Encourage others to move forwards into new understanding, meaning and action
  • Action points

Module 2: Emotionally Intelligent tools and techniques for virtual teams - 90 minutes

  • Understand what Emotional Intelligence is, the value it brings and how it can be applied in virtual teams
  • Spot what is working well and become familiar with tools to expand good practice
  • Getting your team to be clear about what they want and need from you, and each other, in order to succeed
  • Reaching agreement on the blueprint for work welling together virtually now and sticking to it for the future to everyone’s benefit and that of the business
  • Action points

Module 3: Relationship skills needed for remote working - 90 minutes

  • Clarify the key relationship building and communication skills needed for building trust in a remote environment
  • Develop your listening skills for use in a virtual world
  • Fine tune your incisive questioning to support and encourage the success of your team
  • Expand your skills in observing body language remotely to develop confidence in results
  • Action points

Module 4: Resilience in your new context - 90 minutes

  • Understand key elements required to maintain resilience in a time of unexpected change
  • Clarify and commit to self-care and self-compassion practices which will lead you and your team to stay positive in each and every day
  • Review your assumptions and beliefs about your new context and help your team choose those that will be most helpful
  • Revisit and strengthen your team’s purpose at this challenging time of business change
  • Action points

Module 5: Strengths based approach to energise yourself and your team - 90 minutes

  • What are strengths and how can they help?
  • How can you find out what your strengths are and those of your team
  • Putting all your strengths into practice in your new context
  • Develop a new team contract to support the use of the team’s strengths and minimise avoidable weaknesses
  • Action points

Round up of learning points and Action Plan to implement the key features of most benefit to you, your team and the business

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