Home Office Teams – Set up to Succeed NOW!


Delivery method: Video Call Package:

Video Call with each team member: 15 minutes per person
Whole Team Video Call: 60 minutes for team of up to 4, 90 minutes for team of up to 10

Suitable for

To help Home Office Teams up to 10 people get off to a good start.

The current difficult and surreal times pose an emotional strain on many staff with a possible impact on their ability to work.Teams are being propelled to move fast and find new ways of working together.

These team calls will reduce the emotional impact by considering specific needs and fears, improving structure and communication to prevent frustration and produce a productive work environment to get the job done.


Video Call with each team member

  • Assessing the needs and perspectives of each team member through a 15 minute structured personal call

Video Call with the whole team

  • Agree the new ways of working based on the business and team requirements.


With facilitator insight and support you will be able to:

  • Share current issues
  • Appreciate the positives
  • Share as a team what is important to you and what would help best to get your job done
  • Agree ground rules/team charter– new ways of working together and best ways of communication covering - What, How, When
  • Agree how to support each other

Further Action:

Collate actions, formulate and publish a Team Charter to create an effective working structure with communication guidelines and plan.

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