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Two day public open course – or run for your own in-house group

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Touch typing is an essential life skill, used during your education, throughout your career and life generally.The course is popular with individuals of any age who want to learn the correct way to type effectively, quickly and automatically.It is truly a universal time-saving skill saving years of your life! *


By the end of the course you will:

  • Have grasped the layout of the alphabetical keys and be able to type without looking at the keyboard
  • Built your speed to the maximum you can achieve within the time allowed
  • Take away the strategies and the tools to further develop your speed
  • Understand and maintain good posture to avoid strain


You will learn:

  • To type properly using the correct fingers for each letter of the alphabet
  • How to correct any existing bad habits
  • How to sit properly when typing to avoid Repetitive Strain Injury and back pain
  • The strategies needed to build up your typing speed
  • How to practise once you return to your place of work or at home

*Save more than 2 years of your working life!

Check this


Jack cannot touch type - his speed is around 20 wpm and he looks at the keyboard.

Jillis a touch typist whose speed is 60 wpm withno peeping at the keyboard.

They both type for 60 minutes each day – Jill types 3 times as fast as Jack. She saves 40 minutes per day. Over 230 working days, each year Jill saves just over 20 working days. She has 4 extra weeks holiday or, more realistically, achieves promotion because she is so efficient!

Over 40 working years Jill could go around the world in 800 days …or more likely earn £200K extra through using the 800 working days to benefit her employer! (estimated on the average £5K more per year from her promotion!)

Your Pitman trained tutor types at 100wpm – calculate that!

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