Newly Appointed Manager


One day

Suitable for

Individuals who have recently been promoted or are about to be promoted to their first, or second, line management role and who have had no or little formal supervisory or management training. The emphasis is on understanding your responsibilities in managing your team and its workload.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Clearly define your role and responsibilities
  • See how your style and behaviour needs to change and evolve as a manager
  • Appreciate the skills needed to motivate and get the best from the team
  • Recognise people as individuals who respond to different communication styles andtechniques
  • Delegate effectively while still feeling in control
  • Agree standards and objectives with team members
  • Provide timely and accurate feedback to develop excellent performance


Introduction & Workshop Objectives

  • What we will cover
  • What are your objectives for the day

The role of a manager

  • What is your role and what are your responsibilities?

Being a manager

  • Managerial styles and behaviour

How to get the best from your team

  • What makes a good team?
  • Setting, communicating and achieving objectives


  • What is motivation?
  • Key principles of motivation
  • Checklist for motivating team members

Effective delegation

  • Benefits of delegation
  • Key principles of delegation
  • Improve your delegation


  • What is feedback
  • Why it is a valuable management tool
  • How to use constructive feedback to generate results

The way forward

  • Summary of day’s learning points
  • Taking ideas back to the workplaceand putting them into action

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