AAT - Finance for Non Financial Managers


One day public open course – or run for your own in-house group

Suitable for

Managers and business professionals without a formal accounting or finance background who want a grounding in basic financial documents and who need to know how to use this knowledge to manage day-to-day business activity and be more effective in their managerial role.

Instruction Method

AAT Essentials: Budgeting – understanding the importance of budgeting and how to use it for business performance OR maybe Excel Level 1, 2 or 3.


By the end of the course you will have gained:

  • An understanding of the key financial documents used in business
  • The knowledge to interpret information from income statements and statements of financial position
  • The ability to use financial information and analysis to make business decisions
  • An understanding of cash control
  • How to use budgets to manage business activity
  • Confidence with a wider range of financial terminology


1. Setting the context

  • What we will cover
  • Your objectives and priorities for the day

2. Understanding the Income Statement Account and Statement of Financial Position

  • What is included in a statement of financial position
  • What is included in an income statement account
  • The differences between the above two financial statements

3. Using information from the income statement account and statement of financial position

  • How to interpret information from an income statement account and statement of financial position
  • Ratio analysis
  • How to interpret using ratio analysis
  • How to use selected ratios to interpret information in financial statements
  • The limitations of ratio analysis

4. Controlling Cash

  • Why cash doesn’t equal profit
  • What you can do to ensure there’s sufficient cash within the business

5. Using budgets to manage business activity

  • How budgets help with day-to-day business management
  • How to interpret information in a budget

6. Summary and Recap

Gain an AAT Essentials certificate

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