Change Management


One day

Suitable for

Managers, HR practitioners and anyone who is responsible for implementing, guiding and managing change. You will develop your skills and knowledge in effective change management tools and techniques and manage the process confidently.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand the drivers for change
  • Appreciate why your staff might resist change
  • Use new tools and techniques to analyse and overcome the barriers to change
  • Assess the change situation in your own organisation and create a plan for change
  • Put steps in place to ensure change is managed and implemented effectively


Introduction & Workshop Objectives

  • What we are going to cover
  • What are your priorities

Setting the Scene

  • Definition of change
  • The drivers for change

Resistance to Change

  • How individuals deal with and adapt to change
  • Why people resist change

Barriers to Change

  • Tools to help analysis of possible obstacles
  • Using Force Field Analysis
  • How can you overcome the barriers

Managing and Implementing Change Effectively

  • How can you achieve a positive outcome
  • Six Steps to effective change
  • Practise this model

Putting it all into Practice

  • Assess your own change situation
  • Using these tools to manage and support the change in your organisation

The Way Forward

  • Recap of what has been learned
  • Creating your plan of action

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