Talk Ted Style


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Those looking to reach the gold standard for public speaking, structured around the iconic TED speakers. Identifying and understanding the key techniques TED type speakers use and why and how they work.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Deliver a persuasive and memorable TED style presentation from a clear nine step method
  • Master the art of storytelling
  • Get your audience behind your ideas, no matter how audacious or challenging they seem
  • Appropriately shock, wow and amuse, regardless of how dry or complex your content
  • Evaluate areas for personal development in your delivery style
  • Accomplish the art of Influencing and persuading major stakeholders


Introduction & Workshop Objectives

  • What we are going to cover today
  • What would you like to achieve today?

The Perception Gap

  • Evaluate your personal style of delivery
  • Deconstruct specific areas for development
  • Vocal assessment
  • Physical assessment

Content Restructure

  • Finding the unexpected in the ordinary
  • Develop a structure to create a story
  • Inject stats and facts to show credibility

Mirror Neurons

  • What they are and how to use them to evoke empathy
  • Mastering appropriate uses of humour
  • Achieving an emotional response from your audience

Merhabian Circles of Impact

  • What they are
  • How we can use them to communicate in a way that is memorable
  • Understand how a listener engages with content
  • Built rapport with your audience

Body Language and Vocal Power

  • Actions that command authority
  • Strengthen your non verbal impact
  • Transfer anxieties to performance energy

The Way Forward

  • Taking ideas back to the workplace and putting them into action

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