2 day Presentation Skills


Two Days

Suitable for

Those who present either internally or externally particularly when influencing or sharing essential information. The course gives structure and confidence for staff members who may be hesitant or need to polish their performance or presentation when delivering.

Presentation and style can win or lose business. Can you depend on yourself or team to perform to their very best when presenting to important clients? The programme has been designed to target areas that can make or break a presentation. It builds confidence and creative skills which can deliver impactful presentations with appropriate style.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Realise the importance of a polished, professional presentation and be clear in what techniques lead to a clear, concise message being delivered
  • Heighten your understanding of communication both in sending and observing signals – get away from preconceptions of what makes excellent communication
  • Practise, Practise, Practise and receive feedback to empower positive personal presentation
  • Identify the benefits of being able to deliver and influence others – hooks, stories and design for effective engagement
  • Gain other techniques in managing and understanding the audience and what they expect from a professional presenter


Pre Course Preparation

  • Candidates should bring either on laptop or USB – 2 Prepared Presentations
  • Presentation 1 – on any subject of your choice – an interest, hobby or anything you are passionate about – 10 minutes
  • Presentation 2 – a company/corporate presentation specific to the business – 20 minutes.

Introduction and Objectives

  • Why present – are you informing or influencing
  • Mantras and rules for effective presenting
  • Don’t Panic – What’s in it for me

Key Presenting Factors

  • Verbal, Para Verbal and Non-Verbal essentials
  • Audience – know, understand and engage
  • Listening skills – signals from your audience in understanding

Engaging Your Audience

  • Keep them focused on the journey
  • Managing the Audience
  • Handling Questions – MAD techniques
  • Techniques to support those watching you in engaging fully withthe presentation

Performance Matters

  • You are the message be confident in the message
  • Film, playback and listen
  • Present, Perform, Present, Perform

Practise and Practise

  • Breath control - Projection and placement
  • Is what I said what they heard
  • Speak out with authority
  • Feedback and direction

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