Developing Self Esteem and Assertiveness


3 modules of 90 minutes, as a complete course

Suitable for

Anyone who would like to feel more in control of situations and to reach for agreed outcomes through improving their impact, effectiveness and credibility. Those who want to project a positive, self-assured image, even under pressure and who need to build rapport and gain professional co-operation.


By the end of the course you will be able to create an action plan that will enable you to:

  • Exhibit confidence and understand how to practise self-assurance as a ’norm’
  • Develop strategies for creating win:win solutions
  • Recognise and apply assertiveness and understand your rights and responsibilities
  • Identify different behavioural styles and work with them
  • Make and refuse requests effectively and with courtesy
  • Use body language as an effective communication tool


Module 1: Developing Self Esteem – 90 minutes

  • Identify how you feel about yourself
  • Explore your core beliefs and strengths
  • Learn mechanisms for raising and maintaining self-worth
  • Maintain a positive outlook and overcome any negative perspective
  • Improve self-awareness
  • Action Points

Module 2: Assertiveness and How to Apply It – 90 Minutes

  • Explore passive, aggressive and assertive behavioural styles
  • Understand your rights and those of others
  • Accept and honour your responsibilities
  • Find balance in the workplace
  • Action Points

Module 3: Behaviour and Control – 90 Minutes

Behavioural Styles

  • Identify your own and others’ behaviours
  • Use your knowledge to work more effectively
  • Increase awareness of body language and personality types

Making and Refusing Requests

  • Understand the principles to maintain effectiveness and avoid overload
  • Learn how to make requests or putting your point across without fear
  • Learn how to say ‘No’ effectively and offer solutions

Round Up and Action Plan

Duration (in days)


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Module 1: Developing Self Esteem , 05 Nov 2021

Module 2: Assertiveness and How to Apply It , 05 Nov 2021

Module 3: Behaviour and Control , 05 Nov 2021

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Online 05 Nov 2021 £360.00


05 Nov 2021

£360.00 exc. VAT


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