Project Management - Principles and Practice
11 – 12 Aug 2022 [change course]

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Interactive Live Webinars, programme of 3 x 120 minute modules

Suitable for

Anyone who wants to get better at managing and controlling any projects they may be working on, or are responsible for. ‘Projects’ cover a huge range of activities, both personal and professional, and these modules will equip you with the mindset, skills, and know-how to optimise and succeed with every project you undertake.

Pre-course Preparation: It is best if you have a genuine project to work on for the practical parts of this course, so please come with a project you are doing or would like to do. This could be to do with work, home or your life.




By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Define and profile a specific project
  • Understand why projects fail and identify the key principles for success
  • Identify the skills and qualities that an effective project manager needs
  • Set clear and realistic objectives for a project and understand the stages of the project life cycle
  • Know how to plan, organise, schedule and track a project
  • Identify and evaluate project risks
  • Understand how to use tools and documents for effective project management
  • Communicate clearly with leaders, stakeholders and participants


Module 1: Principles – 120 Minutes

  • What is project management?
  • What skills will you need, and how will you use them?
  • Understanding your own role
  • Four Key Steps to effective and successful projects
  • Project Sponsor or Project Manager?
  • Outcomes or Deliverables?
  • Action Points

Module 2: Planning for Success – 120 Minutes

  • Building your Project Initiation Document
  • Objectives. Strategy. Tactics. In that order…
  • Defining your objectives and your target deliverables
  • SMART planning
  • Principles of Critical path Analysis made simple = Action Planning
  • Practical work on your own project
  • Action Points

Module 3: Putting your Plan into Action – 120 Minutes

  • Managing project scope and creep
  • Managing and mitigating risk
  • Managing communications
  • Managing relationships, authority and collaboration
  • The Work Breakdown structure
  • Closing your project positively and productively!

Round up of key points and action

Post course

Action Planning tool to focus on the changes you want to make and how to make them stick.

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Project Management - Principles and Practice
11 – 12 Aug 2022
Price per Person: £360.00 exc. VAT
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