Dealing Effectively with Difficult People
03 Nov 2021 [change course]

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Interactive Live Webinars, programme of 3 x 90 minute modules

Suitable for

Anyone who wants to be more confident and professional when dealing with ‘difficult people’ situations at work. Whether dealing with customers, colleagues, supervisors or subordinates – this day will give you practical ways to deal with these tricky situations and gain positive outcomes.



Instruction Method

What next?…

  • Developing Self Esteem & Assertiveness
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Stop Stressing Yourself and Others


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Develop communication skills that help deal effectively with difficult or tense situations
  • Recognise three different behaviour types and understand their impact and effects
  • Exercise some key skills and techniques to gain rapport and control of the situation
  • Confidently resolve difficult situations so that no one feels like a ‘loser’
  • Keep your cool under pressure


Module 1: Behaviour, Yours and Theirs! – 90 minutes

Introduction & Workshop Objectives

  • What are we going to cover today?
  • What brings you here and what do you want from the day?

Understanding Behaviour and Its Effects

  • What makes a person difficult? Recognising what difficult behaviour is
  • How we can modify our own and other people’s style by understanding behaviour
  • Conflict & Emotional Intelligence

Module 2: Communication and Behaviour Types – 90 Minutes

Communication Skills that Help Deal Effectively with Difficult People

  • Paraphrasing to avoid assumptions or misunderstandings
  • Using feedback in both positive and negative context
  • Listening and questioning to get the true feel of the situation, show confidence and gain control

Three Different Behaviour Types

  • Clarifying the difference between aggressive, assertive, and passive behaviour
  • Recognising the effects of each type on yourself and others
  • Tips towards assertiveness that help you keep control of yourself and situations

Module 3: How to Deal with Difficult Situations – 90 Minutes

Building Rapport

  • Empathy
  • Being aware of the differences between yourself and others and taking them onboard
  • Developing understanding and techniques to encourage positivity and ‘bridge the gap’

Dealing with Difficult Situations

  • Situations at work that may arise – practical ways to deal with existing or emerging issues
  • Dealing in fact and behaviour – not emotion and personalities
  • Being consistent and persistent
  • Using positive language and a positive approach to influence outcomes

The Way Forward

  • Taking ideas back to the workplace and putting them into action

Duration (in days)

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Dealing Effectively with Difficult People
03 Nov 2021
Price per Person: £360.00 exc. VAT
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