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TYPE IN TWO DAYS       2 Day Course 

SUITABLE FOR: This course is for everyone who is frustrated by how long it takes to type an email, letter or report. If you believe that it takes too long to learn to type properly, then this course is for you.






By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • To explain how accelerated learning works and how it will be used to teach you to touch type - fast.

  • To overcome your barriers to learning this essential skill.

  • To have you touch typing (ie not looking at the keyboard) all the letters of the alphabet within two days.

  • To build your speed to the maximum you can achieve within the time allowed.

  • To give you the strategies and the tools to further build up your speed once you return to work.



You will learn

  • How to sit properly when typing to avoid RSI and back pain

  • The correct fingers to use for each letter of the alphabet

  • How to get rid of your existing bad habits

  • The strategies needed to build up your typing speed

  • How to practice once you return to your place  of work and at home

  •  To type properly! 

The average two finger typist keys in at about 15 words a minute. A competent touch typist would easily achieve over 60 words a minute. Simple arithmetic tells you that someone keyboarding for an hour a day could save between 15 and 20 days (yes days!) a year, simply by increasing from 15 words to 30 words a minute.




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