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TIME MANAGEMENT       One Day Course 

SUITABLE FOR: Those who want to have more control over their working days.  Whether you are a manager, or in a support role, we all like to feel we have achieved key goals at the end of each day.

This event will give practical tips to manage your working day – and achieve the goals you must meet to ensure success.






By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Effectively plan and confidently prioritise your workload to ensure your own and your manager’s objectives are achieved

  • Eliminate or reduce time wastage to enhance your own performance

  • Deal effectively with paperwork, telephone and interruptions

  • Identify and remove unnecessary time-stealers

  • Plan to meet key deadlines which determine the success of you and your manager

  • Identify the difference between proactive and reactive working.



  • What is our programme?

  • What would I like to achieve today?

Time management

  • What is it?

  • Different approaches to it.

  • Self analysis – how we spend time at work.

Proactive v reactive working

  • The difference between reactive and proactive working.

  • Why urgent tasks are not always important tasks.

  • Identifying when and why we are reactive.

  • How to be more proactive.

Paperwork, telephone, interruptions and email

  • Tips and techniques to deal with these in a time-effective way – whilst maintaining and fostering effective working relationships.


  • Why we don’t.

  • Why we should.

  • How we should – tips to give us confidence and a method.

  • Conclusion and recap of key learning points

Action Plan

  • Implementing best practice at work.




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