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 One Day Course 

SUITABLE FOR:  All sales people who need to interest new customers in their product or service by telephone, and who need to secure greater success, while enjoying more effective contact with prospects and clients. Those who want to refocus on up to date techniques, develop the right mental approach and reap the rewards of improved conversion rates! The day acts as an introduction or a refresher to building sales and relationships by phone.






By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Prepare and open the call to gain your subject’s attention

  • Deal with gatekeepers or secretaries and get them on your side

  • Ask the right questions to build and maintain interest

  • Build the levels of desire to achieve your target outcome

  • Use your voice to maximum effect

  • Prepare for success and stay positive

  • Improve your conversion rates immediately

  • Effectively handle any doubts or objections

  • Close positively with agreed future action

  • Monitor results and re-direct your effort

  • How to build on your success



Introduction to the day

  • What do you really want from the day?

The telephone as a medium for success

  • Communication challenges – the phone as your friend

  • Five common mistakes that kill the call and how to avoid them

  • What are your objectives for the call?

Critical preparation factors

  • Know your prospect – information is your vital ammunition!

  • Preparing your calling environment

  • How to get through to your ‘target’

  • Opening the call – your opening sentence and questions

  • Voice dynamics – inflection, emphasis, vocabulary

  • Creating a positive first impression to make your work easier!

Gaining and maintaining interest

  • How questions catch their interest

  • Questions to identify real and potential needs

  • Using the answers to establish and build rapport

  • Knowing your “story” – why should they listen?

Handling doubts, objections & indecisiveness

  • Preparing the right responses

  • Working to fulfil your objectives

  • Overcoming caution or specific objections

  • Selling your organisation, your product or service, and you!

  • Using benefits to reassure

  • There is no such thing as a wasted call!

After the call...professional follow-up

  • ‘Call backs’ and future contact

Telephone practice using recording equipment

Maintaining a positive attitude

The way forward

  • Review of the practical techniques and how you will use them in your Personal Action Plan




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