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SUITABLE FOR: Technical reports are aimed at a demanding audience and writing them can be a challenge. This course is for anyone producing such reports and who needs to develop a more professional approach.  Learning is practical and interactive and delegates benefit from direct feedback through peer review






By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • produce technical reports that are clear, concise and effective

  • adopt a systematic approach to structure and layout

  • adopt practical techniques to organise information

  • use plain English and correct punctuation

  • use references, appendices, figures and graphics effectively

  • develop a professional approach to business writing.



Introduction and icebreaker

  • What we are going to cover today.

Key Points

  • barriers to communication through the written word;

  • the importance of readability;

  • personal style;

  • getting the brief right;

  • understanding readers;

  • the advantages of a systematic approach;

Planning and Preparation

  • establishing the scope and purpose;

  • constraints of time and money;

  • confidentiality;

  • the collection, selection and arrangement of information.

Structure and Sequence

  • sequencing and layout;

  • tables, figures and appendices;

  • dealing with abstracts and summaries;

  • the body of the report;

  • conclusions and recommendations;

  • using references and bibliography.

Language use and Personal Style

  • a refresher on punctuation;

  • using plain English;

  • paragraph and sentence structure;

  • clarity and brevity;

  • identifying your ‘voice’ and personal clichés.

Standards and Conventions

  • ‘house style’ and best practice;

  • the use of diagrams and tabulations;

  • headings and labels.

Technical Report Writing in Practice

  • developing a professional approach;

  • building the technical report;

  • reviewing and providing feedback.

Checking for Quality

  • proofreading;

  • layout analysis;

  • revising and editing

Action Plan

  • Implementing best practice at work.




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