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STRATEGY & VISION           One Day Course 

SUITABLE FOR This programme is for managers whose role includes strategic thinking and planning as part of their management mix.






By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of strategy to your employer.

  • Link strategic planning and decision making with your business overall objectives.

  • Identify the different types and characteristics of strategy, including influencing factors.

  • Demonstrate the application of strategic planning and decision making by completing a practical exercise/activity in the classroom



Introduction and Priority Setting


Creating Strategic Management Thinking

  • Setting and creating a clear direction for a dynamic business

  • Creating competitive advantage for your business

Practical Strategic Analysis

  • Analysis and evaluation of the external environment through the use of practical tools

  • How to analyse business performance

  • Putting a strategic framework in place

  • How to react to opportunities and threats

Effective Strategy Formulation

  • Identifying types and characteristics of strategies

  • Examining what is corporate strategy, business unit strategy and functional strategy

  • Developing strategy that fits with your business

  • Creating strategic choice - building sustainable competitive advantage 

  • Practical activity/case study to enable you to apply this learning within the classroom

Evaluating your Strategic Plan

  • Keeping the plan flexible and adapting to changes in the business and external environment

  • Developing and adapting to long-term objectives

Recap and Conclusion




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