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REPORT WRITING           One Day Course 

SUITABLE FOR:   This course is for staff at all levels in an organisation, who want to produce professional reports that convey what is intended. It is particularly helpful to those who want to know about good report structure as well as the use of correct and effective English.






By the end of the course delegates will be able to:


  • Be confident in your use of English grammar and punctuation

  • Know about style, tone and the appropriate vocabulary to use

  • Use plain English with confidence

  • Be clear on report formats and which to use

  • Understand how to clarify the purpose of the report and determine the message to be conveyed

  • Speed up the process of developing an outline and producing a first draft

  • Be confident with the quality of your written reports

  • Draw up a plan of action





Introduction and icebreaker

  • What we are going to cover today

Prioritising the course objectives

  • What writing are you doing now?

  • What would you like to achieve today?

The basics of grammar for business

  • Reviewing the principles

  • Understanding the ‘building blocks’ of language

  • Tips for better spelling

  • Punctuation and how to use it properly, including the apostrophe

Using plain English

  • Using plain English to acquire a more direct writing style

  • The techniques to make a document more ‘readable’

  • Active vs passive – when to use which one and why

Who is your audience and what do they already know?


Getting the ‘tone’ right

  • Keeping it direct but avoiding becoming too abrupt

  • Using language that is appropriate to the audience

How to plan the report

  • What is the purpose of the report?

  • What message do I wish to convey?

  • What structure should I use?

  • What headings should I include?

Producing the first draft ... FAST

  • Making sure the report says what you mean it to say

  • How to revise and produce a final draft

  • Final check – making sure the report is right in every sense

Conclusion,  recap and action plan




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