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RAPID READING         HALF Day Course 

SUITABLE FOR:   Readers who would benefit from saving time by getting to the key points, understanding specific issues and retaining critical information.






By the end of the course delegates will be able to:


  • See a noticeable increase in your reading speeds

  • Understand how to heighten your concentration levels

  • Improve your retention of the written word

  • Learn specific techniques for previewing documents

  • Understand how to use your vision more effectively when reading

  • Improve note taking strategies

  • Identify your optimum state of mind for reading.



Setting the scene

  • What is Rapid Reading and what are the benefits to me?

  • How can I overcome the distractions that stop me reading as quickly and efficiently as I would like?

Reading strategies

  • What happens when we read?

  • What are widespread reading myths and how can they cap our reading speeds?

  • How do we process information and what do the different sides of the brain focus on?

Memory mechanics

  • What do we mean by the working memory?

  • How can I improve my memory to ensure that I retain the key points?

  • What are mind maps and how can they help us take meaningful notes?

Reading techniques

  • How can I use my eyes more efficiently when reading?

  • What tactics can I use to improve my focus?

  • How do I preview a document by scanning and skimming?

  • What patterns do we see in business writing and how can these help us save time?


  • What techniques work best for me?

  • How will I apply what I have learnt from today?




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