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SUITABLE FOR:  Anyone in a position to do presentations that win or lose business and who wants to perform at their very best externally to or internally.   If you want to build confidence and creative skills which empower you and your team, inspire your presentation content and develop a successful presentation style, this is for you. The result – confident, successful business pitches.






By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • To build techniques to manage your presentation and audience.

  • To heighten your understanding and use of positive body language and vocal skills.

  • To receive feedback to empower positive personal presentation.

  • To develop the ability to communicate powerfully and influence others.

  • To gain further techniques in managing and understanding the audience.

  • If you have a specific important presentation to do or want to polish your skills further, you can arrange follow-up sessions with the same trainer in-house for you or your presentation team for presentation building, review and practice.


Presentations and style can win or lose business.  Can you depend on yourself or team to perform at their very best when presenting to important clients? The following programme has been designed to target the areas where presentations normally fall down.  It builds confidence and creative skills which can empower your team, inspire their presentation content and impact on their presentation style.  The result – confident, successful business pitches.


Pre-program work

Candidates should bring with them, either on laptop or USB, a 5-minute presentation relevant to their work to present to the group.


Introduction & workshop objectives


The course uses a variety of methods to enforce the objectives of the program.  These include use of video and playback in order to allow you to see yourself as others do.  There is the opportunity to practise and hone up your practical skills, techniques and vocal command.  You will also be encouraged to develop a presentation which supports your continued development back to the workplace to use with clients.  Maybe you won’t be a film star but you can be a successful star presenter.


Day 1 – Presentation Skills

  • Tips and techniques

  • Physical and Visual Skills

  • Speech and Breathing

  • Body Language

  • Presentation Techniques

  • Audience Understanding

  • Death by PowerPoint

  • Confidence is Key


Day 2 – Practice Makes Perfect

  • Brad or Angelina

  • Shakespeare can help

  • Managing the Audience

  • Handling questions

  • How to perform

  • Present your stuff

  • Feedback

  • Support




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