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SUITABLE FOR People who will be delivering talks, presentations or even speaking at a meeting and who wish to appear confident and competent. The programme is ideal for those to whom this is a new challenge as well as those who have some experience but who would benefit from a practical refresher.






By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Have strategies for handling the nerves which often accompany public speaking

  • Know about the importance of body language and how it impacts on what you say

  • Better understand how to use language to influence

  • Unlock the power of your voice

  • Be more confident in the use of effective visual aids

  • Be able to prepare a presentation that conveys the message you intended

  • Deal with questions professionally





Introduction and icebreaker

  • What we are going to cover today

  • What would you like to achieve today?

Handling nerves

  • How normal is it?

  • What makes me nervous?

  • What strategies can I use to tackle them?

Non verbal language

  • What it is and why it’s important

  • Your body language and what it says about you

  • How to stand and what to do with your hands

  • Matching verbal and non verbal language to get maximum result

  • Getting more from your voice

Verbal Language

  • It’s not what you say but the way that you say it

Visual Aids

  • How and when to use them

  • What works and what doesn’t

  • Avoiding “death by PowerPoint”

Constructing a presentation

  • What am I trying to say?

  • What message do I want to leave with my audience?

  • How to sequence it for maximum benefit

  • Starting and finishing effectively

After the show is over

  • Handling questions professionally

Recap, action plan and conclusion



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