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SUITABLE FOR:  Individuals who negotiate on behalf of their organisation and who feel that they could be doing better. It is particularly relevant for those who negotiate with outside organisations, but is also suitable for those for whom most dealings are within other parts of the same organisation.






By the end of the course delegates will be able to:


  • Understand the dynamics and process of negotiations in our everyday life, especially business transactions and relationships.

  • Know more of the techniques used by seasoned negotiators.

  • Be able to define different stages of each negotiation sequence.

  • Understand the differences between price, cost and perceived value.

  • Be more confident in your ability to strike the best possible deal.



Setting the Scene

  • What will we cover today?

  • What are my priorities and what do I want from the day?

The vital preparation needed for a successful outcome

  • What is a negotiation, and what isn’t

  • Win – Win

  • Negotiation quiz

The key tactics of successful negotiators

  • The principles of negotiation

  • Preparing properly – what must I do?

  • The difference between cost and value

  • Initial stance and fallback position

How to keep control when under pressure

  • Defining and keeping the structure of the negotiation

  • Keeping the negotiation in sensible chunks

  • Agree a bit at a time

The secrets of variables


How to respond effectively to tactics, objections and conditions


The communication techniques to help you manage the negotiation process

  • Rapport: how to get it and keep it even under pressure

  • Focus on what can be done not what can’t

Recap and Conclusion




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