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 One Day Course 

Suitable for: Anybody involved in interviewing and selecting new staff or internal promotions. This course provides a robust framework for the process along with invaluable tools and tips to ensure the interviewer is equipped with the knowledge and know-how to appoint the right person. The course also covers some critical legal elements




By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Screen CVs and application forms

  • Use a good interview structure including a strong set-up and conclusion

  • Compile a good set of relevant competency and behavioural questions

  • Prepare and execute effective interviews using the funnel technique.

  • Objectively score the candidates and make a fair selection.

  • Make appropriate notes from the interview and comply with legal obligations relating to discrimination, including what they can and cannot ask candidates.





Introduction & workshop objectives

  • Establish what you want to achieve


Characteristics of a good interviewer

  • Skills required to get the best from your candidate

The job description

  • Job requirements

  • Person requirements

  • Personal qualities

The selection process

  • Advertising the vacancy

  • Screening applications

  • Organising the interviews

Conducting the interview

  • Building rapport

  • The funnel technique

  • Questioning and controlling

  • Listening to gain understanding

Handling difficult interviewees

  • Talking too much

  • Not talking enough

  • Evading the question


  • An opportunity for interview practise

Making your decision

  • Keeping a record

  • Evaluating information

  • Checking your own judgements

Action planning

  • Review and summarise

  • Commit to action for the future




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