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One Day Course 

SUITABLE FOR:  Managers and administrators who work with (or will be working with) financial information and who would benefit from a better understanding of commonly used terms and other conventions. It is also ideal for people who need to improve their ability to read and understand financial documents




By the end of the course delegates will be able to:


  • Understand more about the financial documents you meet in your daily work


  • Know more about how finance affects business decisions


  • Feel confident with a wider range of financial terminology


  • Understand the key elements contained within company accounts


  • Prepare a budget and monitor it effectively






Introduction & Workshop Objectives

  • Finding out what you want to achieve today

Setting the scene

  • What are we going to cover?

  • What are my priorities for the day?

Cash Flow

  • What it is

  • How it works

  • Why it’s important

The Balance Sheet

  • What’s it for

  • What goes in a balance sheet

  • How do interpret a balance sheet?

  • Key terms and conventions

Profit & Loss Account

  • What it is

  • What does it include?

  • How do I use it?


How financial information is used internally


How financial information is used externally


The meaning of a variety of commonly used terms and conventions


How decisions are affected by finance



  • Recap of what has been learned

  • Questions

  • How will I use what I have learned?




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