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One Day Course 

SUITABLE FOR: The course is for people new to customer service or those who need an injection of fresh ideas. The purpose of this training is to help define service levels and to provide the skills to deliver a world class level of customer service




By the end of the course delegates will be able to:


  • To inspire a service culture where professionalism and enthusiasm are fused together


  • To build on existing capabilities and re-focus attitudes and skills to proactively meet current and future challenges


  • To demonstrate what comprises an extraordinary service attitude and approach


  • To develop skills in communication and behavioural flexibility - dealing with different people and challenging situations


  • To enhance complaint -handling skills - how to turn around upset clients successfully.




Why Extraordinary service

  • Examples of how great service is being delivered

  • How the service environment is getting really ‘hot’ and why the need to sharpen up is greater than ever

Who are your customers?

  • Classifying client types and levels of expectation

  • What are we going to change or improve?

  • The internal customer

Perception – how do people see us?

  • Impression – perception is everything – ‘moments of truth’.

  • Process – managing the client is as important as results.

  • Attitude – there is nothing so contagious as enthusiasm.

  • The Main Differentiator is YOU.

Skills for personal development

  • First impressions

  • Telephone essentials & specific vocabulary.

  •  Questioning Skills / Building Rapport

  • The use of ‘verbal attends’ and questioning skills to clarify

  • Four POWER points for astonishing influence and impact.

Handling Complaints

  • Why complaints are ‘GIFTS’

  • How the brain works when we are upset – what we do wrong even when it appears we are doing the right

  • Difficult people, angry customers, screamers!

  • Keeping your cool and your attitude right

  • Recovery strategies when things go wrong

  • The 4 Levels of Service used by all top service providers

  • Coffee stains/Sacred cows

  • The Five Commandments of Service Superstars - the traits that make superstars!




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