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One Day Course 

SUITABLE FOR: : Managers or HR professionals who would like to support their staff and teams after major change. This is a very interactive day, which will give you insides into a fascinating approach to help individuals and teams to kick-start the process of engaging positively with future possibilities. It helps individuals and teams to be as effective as possible in their new environment and return to optimal performance quicker. Your staff will be able to cope better with changes, feel more involved, motivated and re-energised.





By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Increase employee motivation, engagement and morale

  • Create more positive, in control and committed employees

  • Improve communication and involvement

  • Help employees to be better able to cope with changes and move through the stages of the change journey quicker

  • Raise awareness of existing strengths, skills and qualities

  • Help your team to get to know each other better

  • Develop a picture of a preferred future

  • Identify practical actions and support required to become more effective as individuals and as a team

  • Improve performance







  • What are we going to cover?

  • What are your priorities for the day?

  • How we will work together

 How does it feel?

  • Acknowledging fears and worries

  • The change curve and individual reactions to change

 Where do you want to be?

  • Create your preferred future

  • Share the preferred futures

 Where is everyone now and what is working well?

  • Scaling - where is everyone now?

  • Establish personal strengths, qualities and resources

  • Sharing what we appreciate about each other

 Moving towards the future

  • Going up the scale

  • Identify small and practical actions to achieve the preferred future which allows the individuals within the team to move forward

 What is next?

  • What support is needed, from whom and by when?

  • Agree priorities for next steps, resources, timescales and help needed to achieve them and ensure the whole team can be more effective

  • Create an Action Plan

 Evaluation & Close

  • Recap what happened today

  • Plan follow up activities

  • Evaluation




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