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One Day Course 

SUITABLE FOR:  Anyone who would like to enhance their performance by improving their working relationships.  Help develop your people skills and examine the ways you communicate and deal with clients, suppliers and internal colleagues at all levels





By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Identify and assess their own Interpersonal Skills

  • Understand how to improve their Communication skills

  • Understand the difference between Submissiveness, Assertiveness and Aggressiveness

  • Learn how to effectively communicate with others taking into account possible differences in working and communication styles

  • Use effective people skills in a variety of workplace situations such as Influencing and Persuading

  • Successfully delegate and handle constructive criticism

  • Improve working relationships

  • Create an Action Plan for the future






Introduction & workshop objectives

  • What you want to achieve today

 Interpersonal Skills

  • What Interpersonal Skills are?

 Communication Skills

  • Ways how to improve the effectiveness of your communication and reduce misunderstandings

  • The importance of active listening

  • Questioning and paraphrasing technique

 Assertiveness Skills

  • Understanding what Assertiveness is

  • The difference between Submissiveness, Assertiveness and Aggressiveness

  • How Assertive you are 

Understanding and valuing differences

  • Appreciation of different communication and working styles

  • Find out which style you prefer

  • Adjusting the way you communicate, to the style of another person

Practising various Interpersonal Skills

  • The crucial question when persuading other people

  • How you can influence people around you

Feedback and Delegation – Applying

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • How to Delegate effectively

  • Handling Criticism constructively

 Summary and Close

  • Review the main Learning Points from the workshop

  • Creating an Action Plan for the future




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