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One Day Course 

SUITABLE FOR: anyone who wishes to improve their self- esteem and confidence.  For those who would like to improve their impact, effectiveness and credibility. Recognising our own behavioural styles and using different styles to influence others can have a positive impact on relationships, both personal and professional. This course concentrates on developing the knowledge and skills required to project a positive and self-assured image and how to use assertiveness to build rapport and gain co-operation.




By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand their rights and responsibilities in assertiveness

  • Learn how to recognise different behavioural styles 

  • Know how to make and refuse requests effectively and with courtesy

  • Be able to use body language as an effective communication tool

  • Develop strategies for creating win:win solutions

  • Build confidence and self assurance as a ‘way of being’





Introduction & workshop objectives

  • What will we cover today?

  • Establish what you want to achieve

 Self esteem

  • Identify how you feel about yourself

  • Mechanisms for raising and maintaining self worth

 Rights in assertiveness

  • Understand your rights

  • Accept your responsibilities

 Behavioural styles

  • Identify your own and others’ behaviours

Making and refusing requests

  • Understand the principles

  • How to make requests without fear

  • How to say ‘No’ effectively

Action planning

  • Commit to action for the future

  • Start now


Summary and close




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