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BRAND STRATEGY               One Day Course 
Create your perfect brand

Suitable for: Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Directors and Senior Executives and marketing personnel involved in issues around your organisation’s brand.




By the end of the course you will have a clear idea about the direction of your organisation.


Through creative and strategic thinking you will be able to define your brand and establish a creative direction both visually and verbally.  You will be able to answer the following brand criteria:

  • What does my brand do?

  • What is my ambition for the brand?

  • What does my brand stand for?

  • How will the brand achieve its vision?

  • Why do my potential customers need my brand?

  • Where does the brand rank against its competitors?

  • What is the brands character, behaviour and appearance?

  • Who is interested in the brand?

Your course leader:

  • Paul Hitchens is creative director of Verve Creative Brand Consultants and author of one of the leading books on the subject.






Introduction & Workshop Objectives

  • Finding out what you want to achieve today


  • What will we cover today?

  • What are my expectations for today?

 Branding Principles

  • What is a brand? (Definition, Classification and History)

  • Why do I need one? (Differentiation, Attraction, Added Value)

  • Brand focus (The big idea, clarity) 

Brand Creation

  • Brand strategy:
    - Purpose- Vision - Values- Mission statement
    - Proposition - Positioning- Personality- Audience

 Brand culture:

  • History – a compelling authentic story attracts and retains customers

  • Ethos – get people to buy into what you believe in

  • Language – your distinctive product names and communications

  • People – recruit people that share your values and build the brand

  • Leadership – strong leaders are brand champions

  • Traditions – capitalise on unique experiences and events

  • Sensations – use the senses to create a strong brand experience

  • Physical attributes – buildings, vehicles and materials add awareness

 Brand Implementation

  • Creative workshop – understanding importance of brand aesthetics
    - Name- Strapline- Logo – Mascots - Colour
    - Typography
    - Look, feel and tone of voice

  • Brand experience –consistent at every point of engagement
    - Brand touchpoints- Mapping a touchpoint journey

  • Brand standards
    - The brand book- Brand guidelines





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