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Suitable for: Staff at all levels who want to produce clearer and more powerfully written communications, time efficiently. It’s also a great refresher for anyone whose grammar and punctuation need refreshing.




By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of English grammar and punctuation

  • Be a better speller

  • Express themselves clearly and persuasively using plain English

  • Set the right ‘tone’ for the situation and subject

  • Plan documents that say precisely what is meant

  • Produce your first draft quickly

  • Write emails and letters that get results





Introduction and icebreaker

  • What we are going to cover today

Prioritising the course objectives

  • What types of writing are you currently doing?

  • What would you like to achieve today?

The basics of grammar for business

  • Reviewing the principles

  • Understanding these ‘building blocks’ of language

  • Tips for better spelling

  • Punctuation and how to use it properly, including the apostrophe

Using plain English

  • Using plain English to acquire a more direct writing style

  • The techniques to make a document more ‘readable’

  • Active vs passive – when to use which one and why

  • Producing letters, emails and memos that are simple but not simplistic

 Getting the ‘tone’ right

  • Keeping it direct but avoiding becoming too abrupt

  • How to avoid using condescending language

  • Using empathy effectively and at the right time

 How to plan the document

  • Emails and letters

  • Using the correct layout

  • Structuring and sequencing the document effectively

 Producing the first draft ... FAST

  • Making sure the document says what you mean

  • How to revise and produce a final draft

  • Final check – making sure the document is right

 Conclusion and recap





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