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Suitable for: Sales people at all levels looking to grow their business with key clients by developing and managing strong partnership relationships. Those who are responsible for uncovering potential opportunities and developing the strategy and plans to build accounts.  Anyone keen to know the best ways of targeting key clients to achieve higher levels of success.




By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Identify real growth opportunity and define your current ‘key’ accounts

  • Understand the importance and power of information

  • Define what you need to know about each client and how to find it

  • Understand and analyse  the client decision-making process

  • Be able to assess the effectiveness of your current methods and systems

  • Be able to set realistic and challenging goals for each account

  • Have mapped out a key account strategy and action plans for current accounts

  • Have refreshed and updated your sales technique





Introduction to the day 

  • What is a key account?

  • Recognising potential criteria

  • Reviewing and prioritising criteria

  • Who are your real key accounts?

The Solution Sale

  • Why do people commit to key suppliers?

  • Analysing expectations, needs and wants so you can build a compelling solution

What is Consultative Selling?

  • A ‘transaction approach’ versus a collaborative, consultative style to add real value

  • Processes, skills and techniques

  • How to structure a solution sell that makes total sense

  • The importance of raising desire

Key Account Information

  • Information as a power base

  • What information do we need and how do we identify gaps?

  • How do we research and find the critical information and how do we use it?

  • Analysing the DMU (Decision Making Unit) and the DMP (Decision Making Process)

Evaluation of current systems


Managing Key Accounts

  • Who is your customer? Managing multi-faceted relationships

  • Planning a key account strategy

  • Identifying key success indicators

  • Managing other resources

  • Building your account plan

  • Presentation of account plan

Your Future Action Plan Defined



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