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        BEGINNERS COURSE – TUTOR LED  [view dates]

Secretaries, PAs, journalists and minute-takers still find shorthand invaluable for quick, accurate meeting notes or taking down telephone instructions. The up-to-date method of shorthand is Teeline as it is quick to learn a workable speed.

  • Evening classes:  A fifteen week Tutor-led course in Central London runs twice per week from 6pm – 7.30pm.

  • Tutor-led classes for corporate groups:  Our tutor will run classes once or twice a week at your office. Please call us to discuss – 020 7256 6668

Course Duration
: 45 hours over 3 months
(twice weekly tutor led) Monday’s & Wednesday’s 6pm - 7:30pm

Course Outline:

  • The Teeline Alphabet from A to Z, joining letters T, D and F, punctuation marks, short sentences, joining S, word endings, soft C, Downward and upward short L, special use of L, joining the letter B to letters G and N, joining the letter J with B, C and K, outlines with R followed by M, more common word outlines, writing outlines for words beginning WH, grouping words together to form one outline, transcribing a short passage from dictation, the use of vowels, extended vocabulary using vowels, outlines to represent double vowels, vowel indicators for word endings, simple word groupings, blend letters, lengthening L, M and W to add R, extending the use of R, writing further special outlines, words ending with –TION, more blends, common word groupings, words using the CM, CN and CNV blends, outlines for words ending –NCE, additional special outlines, shortened outlines for word beginnings, more special outlines and word groupings, using full vowels to form word endings, abbreviations for different word endings, Teeline outlines for figures and dates, days of the week and months of the year, further vocabulary, more simple and common words, additional word groupings, consolidation.

  • Speed development and the opportunity to take speed tests at every lesson once the theory has been covered.


  • Knowledge of the theory of Teeline shorthand and be
    able to write speeds between 30 and 80* wpm

  • The regularity of tutor-led sessions twice a week

  • A personalised workbook to use for reference on
    completion of the course

  • The opportunity to gain a widely recognised Pitman Training
    speed certificate at your fastest speed

* depends on aptitude, motivation and practise


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Course Objective: Those who wish to learn shorthand quickly by attending regular tutor-led lessons, to work in office administration or as a journalist.

Prerequisites: Some word processing experience, the desire to learn a shorthand skill and the time to do additional practise outside of lessons.

Objectives: To learn the theory of Teeline shorthand within 3 months and be able to write between 60-80* wpm.

Distance Learning Option:  Can't commit to the tutor-led option?  Why not learn at home with all the material you’ll need to learn the theory and build speed.  You can study at home, in the office,  on the train or plane. Includes email help, webinars and teleconferences with our experienced tutors.

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